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  • Born in Lunca Banului, Vaslui County, Romania
  • College education, College of Art Creators, Bucharest, Romania
  • State School of Art, mastered by Prof.Dan Gradu (1985 )
  • Member of Painters Association, Baia Mare, since 1989

   Significant exhibitions:

  • 1986  Salonul fondului plastic Bârlad;
  • 1987  Art Museum, Vaslui
  • 1988  House of Art, Șimleul Silvaniei
  • 1989  Army House of Art, Șimleul Silvaniei
  • 1992  Army House of Art Baia Mare
  • 1994  City exhibition, old town Baia Mare
  • 1995  Army House of Art, Cluj-Napoca
  • 1996  Army House of Art Baia Mare
  • 2001  Prefectura Baia Mare
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Also, some works were donated for Children Foundations in Bârlad and Sighetu Marmatiei, for the Asylum in Baia Mare, and some private collections in România,   Germania,   Austria,   Italia.

These paintings are for sale.

Prices are between 350 - 2.000 euro /piece and

they are negotiable.

Please order at:

  paintings about painter email to Doina Dascalu guest-book


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